Mary J. Blige

by Robin from New Haven

I don't have nothing else that's more powerful or more stronger or that protects me more than loving God, praying and reading The Word.

137900Mary J. BligeAmber [CC BY-SA (]pedia/commons/7/7f/MaryJBligeLive2010.jpgMy hero has been my favorite singer since I was 4 years old, Her name is Mary J. Blige. She is known to be the queen of hip-hop and soul. She's been in movies and television shows such as "Prison Song", "strong Medicine", and also The "Jamie Foxx show". Mary J. Blige is a very beautiful and strong women who has inspired me since I was younger.

Mary J. Blige was born in the Bronx, NY and spent most of her younger years in Savanna,GA. When she returned to New York she began to sing in her church choir. Mary grew up in the slow bomb projects in Yonkers. As Mary grew up she and her mother did not have a good relationship. Mary start hanging with the wrong people, and it made her start hanging on the streets and using drugs. When Mary was in the 11th grade she dropped out of school. Mary's music meant a lot to her which led her to where she is now. She is one of the best r&b singers.

I admire Mary J.Blige because her personality is different from everybody else in the industry. She has her own style of doing things. Her voice is so beautiful and unique. She is street tough but also a lady at the same time. Every song that Mary made that came out on the radio or television was truly a hit. Mary is also the type of person who doesn't care what people say, because she is going to be herself no matter what people say or think.

I can really say that Mary J. Blige has influenced me. I say this because she is a very strong person. She's been through a lot and still made it through the struggle. I know people who had a rough life with a whole lot of talent and they're still not doing anything with their life. Mary is an example that you could be someone even if you did have a rough life.

Mary J. Blige will always be known as the queen of soul and hip hop. She will always be my favorite R&B singer. I hope to see Mary around for more generations to come and making music that keeps every one's soul lifted.

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