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by Katt from Gunnison

Blue is a Blue Heeler that saved a man named Brian's life. I mean, who wouldn't consider him as a hero! Here's his story.

When he was a pup, Blue was the runt. When Brian got him, he didn't bark. 2 years later, he still didn't bark but one day while Brian went out to chop wood, Blue followed him like usual. But when Brian swung the chainsaw too far back, he cut his arm to the bone! Brian screamed to Blue "Go get Louise!" Blue knew exactly what to do. But then a miracle! Blue barked! Oh, and he didn't just bark, he howled and howled! Louise knew something was wrong so she ran as fast as she could to where the barking was coming from and saw David. She immediately called the emergency room. Brian was saved because of Blue!

Blue was given the hero award in 2007. He helped Brian and the whole family. He deserved that award.

All in all, Blue was a hero. That's all that matters. I got this info from:" My dog my hero".

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