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Blue Dog

by Trevor from Great Falls ( (

My dog Blue is my hero because he is a guard dog. My dog is smart and goes to the door when he has to go to the bathroom. He loves me. That's why my dog is a hero to me.

My dog is a good guard dog because he barks when someone comes to the door. One other reason he is a good guard dog is because he watches out the window for people coming to the door. My dog guards the house because we are his family and he cares about us.

My dog is smart because he knows how to hunt pheasants by using his sense of smell. He Is smart because he was able to be trained as a hunting dog. One last reason that he is smart is because he knows how to hunt with other dogs by working together with them.

My dog Blue loves me and shows that by meeting me at the door when I come home. He also cuddles on the couch with me when I sit down. He gets excited and wags his tail when I come home every day. That is how he shows he loves me.

As you can see my dog is very smart and he hunts and guards the house. When my dog has to go to the bathroom he begs and whines and goes to the door. He cares for me. That's why my dog is a hero.

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