Bob the Mailman

by Luke from Laguna Beach

127079By Quinn Dombrowski (Flickr: Urban mailman) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsMy hero is Bob the mailman. My hero delivers the mail. He keeps on going back to my neighbor's house even after their Great Dane bit him three times. He is not a sissy and walks to deliver his mail every day. He rarely skips days of work.

My hero delivers the mail every day except for Sunday. Bob got bitten in 2007 but keeps going back. He walks to deliver the mail every time he is doing his work. He only skips work when he is sick.

He does these things around my neighborhood; he delivers the mail, he jokes around with me, he always says hi when he sees us, and he is never grumpy. He keeps coming back to my neighborhood and it feels like he is a part of it. He knows everyone's names. And because he takes the time to stop and visit, we know a lot about him too.

I chose my person for many reasons. One reason is that he is a good mailman. And I chose him because he is nice. I also chose him because he is awesome because he is so nice. And I chose him because he is a good, responsible U.S. Postal employee. Without him there would be no mail. That's why he is a hero in my eyes.

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