Simon Bolivar

by Noah from Dublin

The word hero is such an amazing word. Its true definition cannot be found in any dictionary. A hero can be anyone, from Superman, to the man next door, to your little sister or brother. Hero can mean hundreds of things. To me it means someone who is important to you. Some important characteristics of a hero are persistency, the ability to stand up for what is right, the ability to face your fears, bravery, hope, caring, independence, not being prejudiced and more.

Simon Bolivar [see MON bo LEE vahr], my hero, was born in Caracas, Venezuela on July 24, 1783. Many revolutions were happening. On the year of his birth, the Treaty of Paris was signed. Six years later, the French Revolution began. Bolivar had a father named Juan, his mom was Maria and he had two older sisters named Juana and Maria, and a big brother Juan. At age nine both of Simon’s parents died. He was raised by his uncle, but mainly by a slave named Hipolita, who was like a mother to him. Simon Rodriguez was hired to teach Bolivar at age nine. He taught young Simon about how people should rule themselves.

In 1802 Maria Teresa de Toro married teenage Bolivar. Unfortunately, Maria died of yellow fever a year later. In 1811 Venezuela began its rebellion with Simon Bolivar as a leader. In 1819 Bolivar drove Spain from New Granada and Venezuela, then united them to make Gran Columbia. He was elected its president. Bolivar freed many nations. Today, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia honor him as their liberator. Bolivia was named after him. Dollars in Venezuela are called Bolivars. Bolivar died of tuberculosis in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Simon Bolivar had many characteristics of a hero. He was persistent. No matter how many times he failed, he didn’t give up. He had many losses, but continued to try. He stood up for what he thought was right. He thought these countries should be independent. He was brave and faced his fears. He was a general, that proves it. He hoped to make South America a wonderful place, meaning he had hope. He cared for others besides himself, in fact he let the family slaves free. He was independent, his parents died, he freed slaves, and only a nut case starts a revolution without wanting independence. He was not prejudiced. When he was president of Gran Colombia, he declared that all slaves should be freed. [They weren’t.]

A hero can be anyone, from Green Lantern, to your dad, to that nice lady next door. Who’s yours? I know one of mine is Simon Bolivar.

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