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One starts an action simply because one must do something. - T.S. Eliot. Starting something good is hard but someone must start the beginning of the hope. Bono uses his past memories to step in to the darkness of life and poverty in Africa to shine a light of hope in to peoples' lives. Bono achieves his goals of helping solve these problems by singing and making songs to raise money to encourage the people of Africa that help is coming soon. A hero must possess selfless dreams and be inspiring. Bono uses selfless dreams and inspiring actions to give aid to the people in Uganda who need a hospital and help. This makes him a hero.


Bono continues his selfless way to help people in Africa with selfless dreams, love for mankind and bravery. Bono gives up on having many riches but uses his selfless dreams to provide care to people in need: "mnBono 'embraces his inner nerd' and shares inspiring data that shows the end of poverty is in sight.if we can harness the momentum." (FOGEL) This quote shows how he will try very hard to end poverty, whatever it will take. Bono gives up his fame to help the better good of the people in Africa. He puts aside his riches to think of the people who are dying every day. Bono has shown people how to care and he has made a big impact on peoples life's: "When I came here and visited hospitals with thousands of people camping outside for treatment, for drugs that were not available, I wanted to do what I could to make the madness stop." (FOGEL) Through the pain of his parents, he can't bear to see it happen to anyone else, so he cares for them. Therefore he sets his money out to help other people get the care they need. When seeing this sadness, Bono shares his thoughts with the hospitals and does whatever he can to help them get the things they need to survive. Bono does not care of the cost. At the end of the day, if we can't help ourselves be happy, then what can we do for others? Bono becomes happy when helping others.

Bono never fails at inspiring me and others to do right with all we have, little or big impact (or outcome). Bono shares his stories, putting us in a place to step back and think for a little and that inspires people to do better than before: "But at age 14, he suffered a tragic and devastating loss when his mother died of a brain hemorrhage whilst attending the funeral of her own father." (FRY) This shows that no matter the hurt, we can understand that it happens so that we can do good things with the hurt. Bono went through this with an end-goal of helping people and shows his bravery and how much he can push for things that should not have to happen. Inspiration is one of Bono's biggest traits. He leads us to what is better for the bigger picture and that is inspiring: "Bono would later claim that the inarticulate Bob Hewson's unspoken message to his children was 'to dream is to be disappointed'." (FRY) Bono did not care about the fact his parent did not believe Bono did and that's all he needed to be whatever he wanted. Bono also did not care about the people saying he could not do it, even when it was very bad that it got to the point people made mean websites saying he could not do it but that just caused him to want to do more. When the going gets tough, Bono does not give up. He pushes harder to show he will stop at nothing to help people, mostly kids.

Bono feeding baby he cares for. (
Bono feeding baby he cares for. (

No matter the distance or the hardships that come knocking doors down, Bono never gives up on doing what's right. Even though Bono's parents died or the fact that no one believed in him, he knew that if he was not going to be the change he wants to see, then who will? Bono still inspires me today by the way he is making a new album made just for raising money. He has also proven himself not to let a little bump in the road knock over his plans for the people of Africa. Bono inspires others to take a step back and reflect about how great our lives are and how unhappy someone else's can be. Bono states how we should think about others, too, and not sit back and watch people die who share the same air with us, without a care in the world.

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