Paul David Hewson
(AKA Bono)

by Katie from Connecticut

"Imagine if a third of the kids at your local primary school were AIDS orphans. That's a reality in Africa where the parents of 13 million children have been killed by AIDS."
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Paul Hewson, also known as Bono, is my hero. Not just because he's one of those well-known celebrities, but because he is trying to make a change in the world. Bono has done so many things to help fight AIDS in Africa. He’s also collaborated with the band Green Day and written a song that had to do with Hurricane Katrina and all the terrible destruction it caused. Bono is the lead singer of the band U2 that creates very inspirational music. Bono wants to change the life we live for the better.

Bono has been very involved with charities, including (RED), Amnesty International, DATA, Global Fund, Keep A Child Alive, Live 8, Make Poverty History, Millennium Promise Alliance, Millennium Villages, MusiCare, ONE Campaign, UN Millennium Project, and War Child. He helped create a few of these charities himself. Bono wants to help make our world happier and safer. He’s invested in ways to try to get rid of the things that make our world depressed. People aren’t noticing all the problems that different places face in the world each day. AIDS is killing many people in Africa and Bono is doing his best to make people aware of this fact.

U2 and Green Day reunited together for a song dedicated to the victims of the hurricane that struck New Orleans. They came together, wrote a song, and made a shocking video. The video shows what people had to face after the hurricane. It shows destroyed homes, flooded streets, and lost people. It made more people aware of what was happening even in our own country. Some people think bad things like that can’t happen to the USA, but that’s completely false. Look what the hurricane did to Louisiana.

U2 is a pretty well-known band. Just like the front man Bono. They’ve influenced many other bands and people to make music. Not only is Bono supportive of what he wants to change, he is also a successful musician. That’s another reason he is my hero. It just goes to show that anything can happen when you believe and are extremely dedicated.

Bono doesn’t do charity work just for the popularity, he does it out of the kindness of his heart. Collaborating with another band just to make a video to show what is happening in New Orleans takes dedication and love. His band is very popular and influential. Bono inspires many people to go after their dreams and not let anyone stop them. Bono wants to change the world for good, do you?

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