Literary Heroes


by Michael from Missouri

My hero is a man named Bremen. Bremen is a fictional character from a book written by Terry Brooks. The name of the book is The First King of Shannar. I think Bremen is a great Hero. Bremen is courageous, caring, and strong.

Bremen has so much courage during his adventures in the book. He is part of a organization called the "Druids." Druids in the book are a select group of people who study in the use of magic and use the magic to keep peace between the different countries. The druid "Keep," where they all live, is attacked by an evil druid named Brona the Warlock Lord. The Warlock Lord is a druid who had turned to the use of dark magic. The Warlock kills everyone in the keep. Only Bremen escapes and sets out to find a way to destroy the evil druid. He finds a way by creating a sword that has a magic of great power, able to destroy Brona. Bremen shows courage just by accepting this task of destroying the Warlock. With the help of his allies he will succeed.

Bremen not only is courageous with accepting this task but he is also caring. In the book, as he is traveling, he comes along several companions. He meets a young girl who has innate magic powers. Innate magic is magic someone is born with and are often can be much more powerful then normal magic. She has a hard time controlling these powers. The girl believes Bremen is her father. But when she asks him he explains to her how it could not have been him. But instead of simply telling her he could not help her, he becomes much like her father and helps her with controlling her magic. Another point that shows how he cares is that in his journey his group comes across a small town destroyed by the Warlock Lord. There amidst the ruble and smoke he finds a small boy named Allanon. He takes Allanon into his care and eventually Allanon becomes the successor of Bremen and the Druids. He is very kind to this young boy and the bond they grow between them is amazing.

Bremen not only shows his courage and how much he cares but he also is strong. Bremen is strong because not in the sense of weak and strong but with all this he still finds a way to look positive on the situation. He never once doubts what he is doing. He never looks back but instead to the future. He finds away to take him and his companions all over this world of Shannara and save it. Bremen shows how strong he is by saving the world. Without him this world of Shannara would have been destroyed. But it wasn’t all due to this one man and his small company of friends.

Bremen is an amazing character and is interesting to read about in the book. To me he shows all the qualities of a hero. I admire all that he does and did in the book. He is one of the heroes in my life, of the many I know and admire. Bremen is so full of courage and so caring to all his companions and is strong in so many different ways.

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