Animals Heroes


by Tessa from Winsor

My hero is my almost 3 year old German shepherd, Brinx. Brinx has black and brown fur and big brown eyes also he is very caring and very protective over my family and I. He is really good with kids. My little sister and brother can walk up to him step on him, pull his tail and since they're only 4, Blaine, my brother) 2, Brynn my sister) they really don't know better. Brinx is black and tan with dark brown eyes. He always knows if I am sick, or if I am upset. Like one time I was just about to black out, and he noticed and came up behind me and when I went to fall he caught me. He also sleeps in my room to make sure I'm okay and waits for me to fall asleep then he leaves, checks on the house then comes back into my room. If someone comes into our house or on our yard he makes sure we know that they are there like he will bark, run to the door and wait till they try to come in. Even if he knows who it is, he will make sure they're okay to come in. One day we were having our family pictures done at our house and the lady came in really quickly and picked up Brynn which he shouldn't have because in his eyes he thinks you're going to hurt her or someone in the house. He also follows me around the house these are only a few of the reasons he's my hero. I love him to death and I would do whatever to help him like he has helped me and that is why Brinx is my hero.

Thanks for listening to my story

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