Animals Heroes


by Emily from Oregon

In the Easter of 2007 the Easter bunny brought me a little rabbit at 12:00 at night. The Easter bunny put him on the dryer, and then decided to start the dryer up. After 30 minutes the vibration knocked the little rabbit overboard, the fate looked slim but thankfully Brittany, my dog, was sleeping by the washing machine and saw the fall happening. Brittany the hero of this story started barking and told my mom and dad that the rabbit was out, got my dad up!! And saved the rabbit.

Well slightly after that the ducklings started peeping and the loud peeping got me up (They were up there too…) the loud peep awakened my mom and got my mom, dad, Brittany, the ducklings and the rabbit now known as Peter Cottontail or fuzz butt.

Well that Easter I got 2 ducklings, a rabbit named Peter Cotton Tail, 3 new friends fore Brittany. Who is Brittany? Well she is a 5-year-old Border collie dog. Me? Well when I wrote this story I was 10 and the reason I wrote this project was not because my teacher made me but… well um it was a assignment but the moral of this story is things do happen.

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