Bill Brown

by Bob & Dana

Bill brown is an unusual man. he can make you feel small or tall at the same time. His teaching skills are very unique. The first thing that will come up in conversation is whether or not you are a good speller. I'm sure MANY people are thinking in there minds " good speller? what does that have to do with anything?" Well, it has A LOT to do with everything. He is able to create an environment where you can be comfortable because you know that you are not the only person who cannot spell, or you're not the only person with an absolutely crazy personality! Bill treats everyone like a human being, but like every time something happens it's totally personal. Bill has created a family.
Peacefully yours ~*Nellie*~

Bill Brown is very special in his own way. He makes everyone feel like they fit in and doesn't put people down for being different and unique. He can spring up a conversation with anyone about something totally random but at the same time something they can relate to. He loves talking about geniouses and is a genious, himself, as well as a very respectable man. Bill has a very unique sense of humor that can lighten up anyone's day.
<3 Joanna

Bill Brown is a wonderful teacher. He is good with people of all ages and everyone can learn something from him. He is awesome at all crafts and trades. He also has a different approach towards learning. When other people can't get through to kids, Bill always can.

Bill Brown is a great person to have around. He has taught me to think in even more inventive ways than I have before. He has brought me out of my comfort zone. I have enjoyed the time I have spent at the museum and I have learned so much from Bill and appreciate it so much.

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