James Scott Bryar

by Tabor from Altoona

Do you have a really special hero? I do. My hero is my Uncle James Scott Bryar. We (my family) call him "Uncle Bub" for short. When I was little, I could not say his name, so I said “Bub.” You see, my uncle is a little different than you and me. Just read on and maybe you will understand why he is my special hero.

When I say he is different, I mean it in a good way. He has a learning disability, and he is not the greatest math whiz and reader in the world. I teach him games on his computer and Nintendo every time I am at his house. One of the greatest things about him is that he does not care what anyone says or thinks about him. I think that is a hard thing to do!

Another thing is that he makes everyone laugh at home and at work. By the way, he works at Ponderosa, and everybody likes him. If there is a day when you just don’t feel like yourself, he tries really hard to make you feel better. He may be a little slow at times, but it has never bothered me. Sometimes he acts like a 12-year-old boy, but that just makes him more fun! Even though he is a bit different, he has a great job that pays well.

Pet Rat
Pet Rat

Other ways that make him a hero to me are that he likes animals and has a hobby. He has 15 rats, 13 of them are babies, and 5 dogs. The great part is that he treats them like his kids. His hobby is cars, even at the age of 43. His hearing is not perfect, so he has worn a hearing aid since he was 5. He was born May 3, 1960 - 43 years ago! His favorite movie is Planet of the Apes.

I really hope you understand why James Scott Bryar, also known as Uncle Bub, is my special hero. I am very proud to say that he is my uncle! I think he is a hero just because he gets along in life fine and normal. Trust me, I can say a lot more wonderful things about him, but I can’t get it all down on paper. And if you think that my uncle may be stupid, don’t. He is worth a lot more than these couple of paragraphs and pictures.

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