by Hanna from Waihi

one of many statues of Buddha (
one of many statues of Buddha (

Buddha is my hero because, he even though he was born into royalty, he managed to overcome the three sufferings, greed, anger and ignorance, and start a religon. Many people have followed him as followers before and after his death many people still follow his practises today. There are many temples where people worship him everyday or regularly.

Buddha lived in the 624 BC, 5th century BC, in northern India at a place called Lumbini. This place was originally part of northern India but is now part of Nepal. His name before he had the title Buddha was Siddhartha and he was born into a royal family called Shakya.

When Buddha was sixteen he was married to Yasodhara, a cousin the same age as him, and had a son. This marrige was arranged by his father when Buddha was 29. He went to a many spiritual leaders but he did not find enlightenment. He left his home to have a life of a wondering monk.

My hero had started a world religon called Buddhism. Many people follow this religion today. Approximately 708 million people follow Buddhaism today. Buddhaism is approximately 2500 years old. People who are enlightened are said to overcome greed, anger and ignorance (the three sufferings). Buddhaism orginated from India in some countries where Theravada people celebrate 28 buddhas like Visvabhu and Sujata, two of the 28 Buddha.

Buddha has many statues which people worship. There are three different forms where he is reperesented, the seated buddha, the reclining buddha and the standing buddha. Many people worship each of these buddha statues everyday.

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