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by Soni from Cincinnati

“When man is in trouble, God sends him a dog." Alphonse de Lamartine
Statue of Buddy and Morris in Morristown
Statue of Buddy and Morris in Morristown

The name of my hero is Buddy. In 1927 Dorthy Eustis trained Buddy to become the first seeing eye dog in the United States. She found him in Switzerland, where she learned about other seeing eye dogs. Buddy died in 1938 with his owner and Mrs. Eustis at his side. I chose Buddy because I really like animals and he was a very great hero to me.

Buddy was a very worthy dog. He was free spirited. He saved his owner from being run over by a carriage. Morris and Buddy traveled the U.S bringing joy to themselves and to others. Before Buddy died, he and Morris had a special bond between them. Even when Buddy was a puppy they were meant to be with each other.

He was a brave, and wise for a dog. He was hard working, faithful, obedient, intelligent, and just plain nice. He will always be a hero.

statue of Buddy and Dorithy Eustis
statue of Buddy and Dorithy Eustis

If they hadn't trained Buddy, then he wouldn't be a hero and we wouldn't have as many seeing eye dogs because we never would have had the idea.

When Buddy was trained, it was hard for him to understand but he made it through. He also had to keep control of himself.

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