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Ustadz Jefry Al-Bukhari

by Afny from Jakarta

His experience of being trapped in drug abuse motivates him to free Indonesian young generation from drug abuse trap. He is a preacher and at once a liberator!

I would like to tell and describe for all of you my hero and my idol. Why do I say that? Because he is a good person who can attract me by his personality. I believe that you really want to know about him. Who is he? Let me tell you about my hero and my idol: he is Ustadz Jeffry Al Buchari who is usually called Uje.

On a popular magazine cover GATRA (
On a popular magazine cover GATRA (

Do you want to know how I can know him? I know him from many sources, like TV programmes, radio programmes, and the Islamic programmes. Because he is an ''Ustadz'' (Moslem preacher), he usually gives sermons on those programmes. There are many programmes in which he gives religious sermons, such as''Yang Muda Yang Beragama'' on Anteve TV Station, ''Hikayat'' on Transtv Station, ''Indahnya Kebersamaan'' on Sctv TV Station, and etc. He also gives sermons at public schools in the schools’ events and the other events and programmes.

What is the speciality of Ustadz Jeffry Al Buchari for me? From my point of view, his speciality is his perseverance in recovering from drug abuse. And then he urges the Indonesian adults to free themselves from drug abuse. He also guides them to free themselves from drugs by giving sermons. He does that because he doesn’t want the Indonesian adults to be trapped into the drugs trap and free sex. Another speciality of Ustadz Jefry Al-Buchari for me is his desire to dig up the Islamic knowledge and gives religious sermons in modern way in today's language, which can attract many Indonesian adults and teens to hear and watch his lectures.

His book 'Senandung Cinta' (The Song of Love) (My Private Property)
His book 'Senandung Cinta' (The Song of Love) (My Private Property)

Would you like to know how his life is? Ustadz Jeffry Al Buchari was born on 12 April 1973 in Jakarta. His teaching talent is rooted from her mom; Hj Tati Mulyana. He was trapped into the drugs trap for a long time. But, because all people around him, especially his wife Pipik Dian Irawati, her support and motivation for him and his perseverance in recovering from the drugs trap, he succeeded to recover from the drugs trap. Then he become a lecturer who foccused on Indonesian adults' freedom of drug abuse.

Do you know my reason why I chose Ustadz Jeffry Al Buchari as my hero and my idol? I chose the father of Khanza Az-Zahra and Mohammad Abidzar Al Ghifari to be my hero and my idol, because he is a low profile person, has a good personality, and is a freedom fighter of drug abuse. Moreover, he can be a motivator and gives me a support to be a good Moslem and do my activity as a Moslem.

I hope the Indonesian adults can give him an award as a hero for his role of being the shine and the guide for Indonesian adults. I can say that, because I watch and I know he is commendable to be a hero. The other reason is because he foccuses his sermons for Indonesian adults' freedom of drug abuse. Then he thinks that the adults are the next generation that plays the role to make our nation grows up. In short, Ustadz Jeffry Al Buchari has commendatory quality to be a hero for Indonesian adults. I hope one day he can get an award from the Indonesian adults for his commendatory quality. Be always a low profile person and be more successful, Uje!!

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