George W. Bush

by Michael from Dublin

I think a hero is made up of certain traits. Some traits I think a hero is made of is one polite, second confident, third problem solver, fourth perseverance, and fifth caring. That is what I think a hero is made of. My hero is all of these and more. My hero is George W. Bush.

He is polite, because he never cussed or yelled at his troops when they couldn’t find Osama Bin Laden or when they couldn’t get to Saddam Hussein. Another time he didn’t yell was after the World Trade Center accident on September 11 or referred to as 9/11. That is why I think he is polite. He is confident, because when he sent the U.S. to Iraq he knew that if he didn’t find weapons of mass destruction he would be out of the office so fast. But he still went on with the plan and after a few weeks they found weapons and people that even admitted that he had them. That why I think he is confident.

Mr. Bush is a problem solver, because he problem solved the problem with the terrorists. He brought them to justice as fast as he could and he didn’t stop one second or let up a little bit until he brought them to justice. Another time he problem solved was with the problem with Saddam Hussein and the weapons of mass destruction. He also brought him to justice. That is why I think he is a good problem solver.

He also has perseverance, because when he attacked Iraq when he was looking for weapons of mass destruction. He never gave up or let up for a second. He also did the same thing with the war with terrorists. He never gives up I think. That is why I think he perseveres. Last I think Mr. Bush has a caring personalty. I think he is caring because after the war on terrorism he sent food and supplies to the Afghans. He also helped the Iraqis after the war. He did this by giving them food and helping them rebuild their buildings. That is why I think he is caring.

These are all the different traits I think Mr. George W. Bush has. If I had more time I would write more about him but I don’t so this is all I can write. As I said before Mr. George W. Bush is a great great man.

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