Animals Heroes

Buster Hess

by Joe from St. Louis

A.K.A. "Da Beshu"

For someone to be my hero, they need to be my best friend and love me and needs to be trustworthy and loyal. That is why when my teacher assigned this "Hero Essay" thing, my dog Buster immediately diverted her path into my old thought box. As she did that, she would always divert her path in life, like when she was told to go to bed, she somehow found it that "Go to bed!" meant that she should wait until everyone left the kitchen and go to tear apart the trash bag or clean the dishes without the aid of a dishwasher.

Still, even though I taught Buster things including how to shake, go on walks without attacking every living thing in sight, and how to climb a ladder, she still taught me more than I could teach her in 100,000,000 years.

She taught me how to stay happy even in sad times. I don't think that a hero needs to be able to fly or shoot spider webs out of their hands just to save you, a superhero just needs to be there for you in your times of need to save you not from a burning building, but simply from a bad day.

Buster taught me a moral in life, that moral is to do things when they need to be done and have a fun time along the way. Buster was always there for me when I was lonely or sad even though I didn't always take her for walks or play with her every day. Buster (A.K.A.- Da Beshu) died in August of 2007. I love her with all of my heart and we are best friends still, even through death.


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