Jim Coplin

by Shauna from Encino

My hero, my friend. It wasn’t too long ago that I started working at my job, constantly meeting new people, learning who my true friends were and whom I could trust. When I met Jim and started talking to him, we had an immediate connection. He was ultra-friendly and caring to anyone who walked in his path. When I started getting to know Jim, I discovered how truly dedicated, hardworking, ambitious, and friendly he was.

Our upbringings were very different, but we are both interesting in our own way. With him being older than I, he’s taught me a lot, but not necessarily through lessons. To me, it’s the way he lives his life and looks at situations. It’s how he does things to make himself happy and not to please others. He’s worked different jobs, lived in different places, all searching for the place where he feels happiest. He’s constantly having fun, trying new things, and yet is still so goal-oriented. He is my hero.

With working two jobs, he continues to find time for friends and family. While religiously exercising (biking, hiking, and surfing), he keeps his mind and body healthy. At the age of two, Jim lost his father to a motorcycle accident. He was brought up by a single parent (his mom). He’s always been brave, especially when he started living on his own, at the age of sixteen, and hasn’t stopped challenging himself with everything he does.

I look at Jim with such respect and admiration. He has picked jobs that make him happy and fit his personality; he doesn’t do it just for the money. He lives comfortably, and that’s all he needs. He has such great morals and never expects anything in return. I just hope one day I can look at life in the same way. I hope one day I can bring out the best in people and truly do everything for myself to make me happy.

There’s no one definition of a hero, but it’s definitely someone with the same characteristics as my friend. A hero doesn’t have to be famous or known for doing something amazing. A hero can be someone who makes an impact on someone’s life, helps unconsciously, or does little mitzvahs daily. It’s someone who can turn bad days into something worth living for. It’s someone’s traits or characteristics. It’s my friend Jim.

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