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by Brianna from PA

Crookshanks is a fat, orange cat who is a hero in Harry Potter 3; Prizoner of Azkaban", written by JK Rowlands. He was known to help Sirus Black, Harry's godfather. Crookshanks has talks with Sirus when Sirus is turned into a big black dog. Sirius tells Crookshanks that a man named Peter was the one who killed 13 people, 12 years ago, and was the one who killed Harry's mom and dad. Peter can turn into a rat. That rat is owned to Harry's friend,Ron. Crookshanks leads Hermione (his owner), Harry and Ron and the rat(Peter) into the place where Sirius is, so they can see who the real killer is. And if it wasn't for Crookshanks they would have never known that Sirius was Harry's godfather, and that Peter was the one that did all the killing; not Sirius. So, in a way Crookshanks, is one of the heros. And he's my hero cause if it wasn't for him Sirius would have been sent to the dementors and wouldn't be free. P.S You have to read the book to know all this. It's called Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

The reason I like Crookshanks is cause I have a stuffed animal of him and I like playing with him. And I like how he's so smart and how he's in my favorite movie and book. I like how he's one of my favorite breeds of cats. I think it's funny cause he's the size of Garfield. And how nice he is to everybody. Well, he does hate Ron. But he still is pretty nice. I like how he always wants someone petting him. He always purrs if Hermione is around. Even if Sirius is around he'll purr. I think he's funny in a way. He's really big! Anyone can tell he likes to eat by the size of him. One of my favorite parts in the book is when Hermione and Ron were talking and Crookshanks lept on Hermione's lap with a dead spider in his mouth. You can really tell he's well taken care of. Hermione said when Crookshanks came up, "Clever Crookshanks, did you catch that all by yourself?" Crookshanks is a very pretty cat. I even wish he was my cat!

I have a lot of fun with my stuffed Crookshanks making up stories to roleplay with him. With Crookshanks, no day is boring. He's great to have for fun and my imagination.

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