Teachers Heroes

Cheri Aguero

by Amly from Odessa

In this story I will talk to you about my hero. A hero to me is a person that will spend their time trying to help you in any way that they can. They can be trying to help you communicate, spell, read, write, whatever it is that you may need improvisation on, they’re there for you.

My hero is a teacher. She taught me when I was in grade five. My teacher is very confident. She is nice, intelligent, funny, kind, and very patient. She might be clumsy at times, but who isn’t? Everyone has their good/bad times. She has a family, and a caring husband who has been by her side for many years.

The name of my hero is Mrs. Aguero. She is one of those people who you can get along with extremely easily. She has affected my life because she taught me (and other students) what we needed to know. It got me upset when I found out I wasn’t going to have her again in the next year.

Thank you Mrs. Aguero, so much. I honestly really, appreciate all the things you did. I hope you’re doing good. (:

-Love Amly. <3

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