Literary Heroes

Captain America

by Jose from Greer

My hero is Captain America because he was not strong but he is very smart, so he fights with bad people and he shows that it is not necessary to by strong or big. Only needs to be a smart person. He goes to the academy so, he is very smart only the person didn't want him because he was skinny. The Captain America of academy he trains so he say "Hey lower the flag and bring it over here" so everybody jumped in the tower and they couldn't take the flag. He only walked to the town and take of the little thinks and the tower falls and he take the flag.

He fight a lot times with bad person, he finish it the academy so they took him in to a laboratory and performed test on him they stuck him in a machine that made abilities big and muscular. But he only changed the body, he don't need it use arms or guns, only have the shield. He don't fly or have super powers he don't need it. The hero is based the help people when most needed, but the super hero examples superman, spiderman, Captain America and iron man. Is based in histories other think or experiences like when the person needed help or have problems .

The super hero the histories is not real, because nobody can fly or have super powers, a lot thinks of the person. Only in the movies the super hero fly and fight with a lot person is impossible when fight or he is being shot is not real. My opinion is, like the hero don't need super powers or body big with muscle, don"t need guns or body armour, only need to be smart

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