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Captain America

by Dylan from Spanish Fork

Watch all the movies with Captain America - they are great! I don't read comics or watch the TV series but I'm sure they are great!
Picture of Captain America ( ())
Picture of Captain America ( ())

My hero is Captain America. He is a made up character in a comic book, then became a member of the Avengers, Then part of a TV series, then a new movie came out recently first one of just Captain America, and then another of him in the Avengers. Let us just say he is kind of a big deal. For the people who don't know of him he was a guy that was weak and short. He wanted to be a soldier but couldn't because of his physical attributes. He was then made into a super soldier by science. I'm not going to talk about what he did that made him a hero but instead about why I think he is a hero. The hero I wanted to talk about was someone I can look up to and I look up to Captain America because He stands up for the little guys, He always tries to do what is right, and because he isn't as strong as most super heroes that one would think of.

I think that standing up for the little guys is important. In the movie Captain America says "He hates bullies" And I think we all hate bullies yet we don't stand up for people we see them being bullying. Or even more importantly we don't stand up for ourselves when we are being bullied. Captain America, when he wasn't strong he still stood up against the bully, and then when he became strong he stood up for other people. He is a great example of standing up for the little guys whether that be ourselves or other people and I feel like we all should.

I like the way he always tries to do what is right. I think if you were to look at most heroes most of them are heroes because they have done or do what is right. He does what he thinks is right even though it is not the easy way. He never had to go by himself and rescue all the soldiers yet it is this selflessness that makes him a hero. He puts himself in danger to help others. The way he always does what is right, no matter what, is remarkable.

The reason why his not being as strong as other super heroes is important to me is because it makes it easier to relate to. He is still really strong and fast but the other heroes blow him out of the water. They all have guns and other powers that make him look kind of pathetic when all he has is a shield. It shows me that you don't always have to be a strong as other people to be a hero, you just have to have the right set of mind. In the Avengers, Captain America wasn't used for his powers but he made himself important by using his brain.

He is my hero by the way he stands up for the little guys, always tries to do what is right, and the way he isn't as strong as other super heroes. He is my hero because I look up to him and want to try and be like him. He proves that you don't have to be the strongest and that what you just have to do is stand up for the weak and for what is right and you can be a hero. Captain America is an amazing hero because he isn't extra amazing yet he still does amazing things. Even though he isn't real he is still real to me and a great role model to follow.

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