Literary Heroes

Captain America

by Gus from Los Angeles

"When Captain America throws his mighty shield,All those who choose to oppose his shield must yield!If he''s led to a fight and a duel is due,Then the red and the white and the blue will come through,When Captain America throws his mighty shield!"
Captain America
Captain America

There are many heroes in this world, some may be merely movie characters, and other fictional characters, and maybe some of them are living breathing people. Heroes are what inspire us to do good. When we here about people like mother Theresa we want to be like them. Their iconic image inspires us to do good. Captain America is one of the people who have had a huge impact on my life.

Captain America is a fictional hero who starts off as a puny, scrawny man named Steve Rogers. He has many severe medical conditions but still wants to lay down his life on the front lines for his country. (Story based during World War II.) Steve Rogers wants to fight so bad that he applies to the army from different recruiting offices with many different fake names. Steve knows it is illegal to lie on the applications but he does it anyway. He eventually gets taken under the wing of Dr. Abraham Erskine (scientist). He offers to preform an experiment to enhance Steve's body. Dr. Abraham used Steve's body because he is mentally strong, and with the enhancing of his body, he becomes every young mans dream, tall, strong, handsome, and smart. He goes on to serve his country and defeats the Nazis. Doing this he helped recreate this country. Then he becomes Captain America.

Captain America inspired me to write this paragraph because of many values I learned from him. He taught me about perseverance, and to chase your dreams. He taught me that size does not matter. Captain America is an iconic symbol for hope and that even though he may not be here with us, he resembles that the American dream still lives on.

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