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Corazon Aquino ( (
Corazon Aquino ( (

            "Whatever you do, you need courage, whatever course you decide upon there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising that tempt you to believe your critics are right" (Ralph Waldo Emerson). In the beginning, Corazon Aquino did not seem like the ideal person to run against Marcos, much less a groundbreaking woman. After her husband's 1983 assassination at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Aquino was abruptly forced from her husband's shadow and into the public eye. The people pressured her to continue Ninoy Aquino's mission to end Marcos's dictatorship and return democracy to the Philippines. While in Boston, deciding whether to run against Marcos's 1986 snap election, a friend warned Aquino that she needed to rethink her political role and there was no school for presidents. Although many of her friends and family didn't want her to run, Ninoy's words, "I will never be able to forgive myself knowing that I could have done something and I did not do anything," echoed within her and gave her the courage to proclaim her candidacy and to continue her husband's mission to bring back democracy. As a hero who inspired and encouraged many people, Aquino used her noble and selfless act, strong faith and firm intrepidity to improve people's lives during Marcos's regime and to set as an inspiration for others till the last breaths of her life.        

Campaigning for president ( (
Campaigning for president ( (

Aquino's unselfish and noble acts are one of her most heroic traits. Instead of living with her children and making sure they're safe, Aquino "declared her candidacy for President of the Philippines today, one day after a court acquitted all 26 defendants accused of involvement in the assassination two years ago of her husband, Benigno S. Aquino Jr., saying that the country needs an 'unequivocal change' from 20 years of rule by President Ferdinand E. Marcos" (Mydans). Aquino risked her and her children's lives to help bring back democracy to the Philippines. Her candidacy made her big target. This gave Marcos the opportunity to trash Aquino. ''They're like children without experience Are you going to entrust to them the future of your family? No, because you're going to trust one who is strong and firm, not one who is inexperienced" (Marcos). She knew that Marcos could talk trash every day and would do anything to make her look bad, but that didn't hamper her goals of bringing down Marcos's dictatorship. Her sacrifices not only made her stronger, but also proved how much courage she would exert just to make her country better, not only for herself but for the people.

1986 EDSA Revolution ( (
1986 EDSA Revolution ( (

By using faith and publicity, Aquino served as an icon of peace and unity. The world has never seen " a great revolution without bloodshed, but only in the Philippines. And what is great? Her iconic symbol drove people to hold rosaries, picture of Virgin Mary and join hands in praying the Holy Rosary in front of the tanks and soldiers whose common goal is to follow orders from the country's strongman Ferdinand Marcos" (Corazon Aquino a Saint and a Hero). Aquino's faith made her influential enough for people to follow her on keeping everyone civil, even in the midst of a revolutionary war. Aquino was a big part of the 1986 EDSA Revolution, a movement where men, women, and children filled the street of EDSA to make Marcos resign, but instead of using guns and tanks Aquino "prayed for Filipinos not to put their anger as the basis to bring the Marcos dictatorship down but she prayed for Filipinos to pray to soften the hearts of the soldiers and the heart of their leader" (Corazon Aquino a Saint and a Hero). She used peace instead of violence to bring down Marcos's government. Aquino proved bloodshed and slaughter is never the key. Her faith and her religious belief helped her a lot throughout her whole journey from her candidacy through her presidency.             



Time Magazine ( (
Time Magazine ( (

Corazon Aquino utilized her courage to finish what she started. After winning the election, Aquino's fight wasn't over. "Thousands of workers nationwide went on strike for higher pay today, defying an appeal by President Corazon C. Aquino, who said labor unrest would discourage needed foreign investment. The Government said the general strike affected 169 companies employing more than 137,000 workers. Unions said half a million workers on central Luzon island alone stayed home" (Philippine Workers on Strike). During her presidency is when she needed most of her strength and courage, because not only she needs to make sure she fulfills her job, she needs to satisfy the people against her. She is the courageous president who saw off a series of illegal and single-mindedly restored the institutions of democracy. Seventeen years later after her presidency, Aquino faced another challenge that needed not only her strength but her family's too. "On March 2008, she was diagnosed to have a Colon cancer at stage four. Battling for her own life is indeed the last test given to a true fighter" (Pres. Cory Aquino - Born A Winner, Died A Fighter). She tried to remain strong and she tried to hold on for her family. Aquino won many people's hearts for remaining strong and brave enough to fight till the last moments of her life with a mission in mind to encourage and motivate others to keep going no matter what obstacle they come across. The strength Aquino had been able to bring down the most powerful man yet wasn't strong enough to fight through the most difficult battle of her life. 



A hero is someone who people look up to for their noble deeds, strong faith and firm courage and determination. Hero is the perfect word to describe Corazon Aquino. Obstacles, hurdles, low blows and criticism came her way but that didn't stop her from doing what she thinks is right. Aquino is inspiration because the amount of courage she had was outstanding; she made her own stand and decision on running for president. Robert Waldo Emerson's quote reflects Aquino. "Whatever you do, you need courage, whatever course you decide upon there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising that tempt you to believe your critics are right." Courage was the only thing Aquino had when everyone doubted her ability of being a strong competitor against Marcos, yet she didn't let the people affect her decision. By this, Corazon Aquino exemplifies the true definition of a hero.





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