Clara Barton

by Lexus from Rancho Bernardo

This is clara barton as an adult. ( ())
This is clara barton as an adult. ( ())

There are many heroes in this world. But only so many can give up as much as Clara Barton. She spent most of her life helping others in need. Barton was a very shy lady which held her back from a lot of things. Although over time, she overcame that. Clara Barton was known as the Angel of The Battlefield. She is remembered today for founding the American Red Cross. Clara was born in 1821, and was the youngest of 5 children. She was very strong minded & passionate. Barton became a teacher when she was 32 years old. Years later she moved to the nation's capital and became the 1st female employee of the government. When the civil war broke she supplied supplies for the wounded soldiers at war. She needed to make she they received proper nursing. One of the most important places for Barton is Oxford, Massachusetts, where she was born and raised. Clara had a very big heart and did many important things in her life. When the civil war broke she found it very important to be at the battlefields to take care of the wounded. Clara Barton moved to Europe so that she could recover from her health issues. In Europe she founded the American Red Cross. Someone inspirational is someone that inspires you to do something beneficial. Or someone who makes you want to change something in life. Someone Brave is someone who's willing to do something that others won't. Someone considerate is someone who's willing to take care of others and not just worry about themselves.

A hero must possess a special meaning to their character. & Clara Barton was inspirational, brave, and considerate. Clara barton was very inspirational. She made a big impact of life today. Without her if there was a disaster, the American Red Cross wouldn't be able to help with funds and care. "Between 1881 and 1904 Barton continued to raise money for the Red Cross as well as to help administer it. She also gave lectures, wrote a 700-page book about the red cross, founded a National First Aid Society to help accident victims, and lobbied for women's rights." Clara Barton spent a very long time organizing the American national red cross. Teachers and nurses look up to her because she is the first nurse & founder of the American red cross. "Clara Barton's life of service has been a role model for generations of nurses, teachers, social workers, doctors, and allied health professionals. A new generation of executives and public servants values the leadership she exhibited with profound dedication to her cause and a strong work ethic Clara barton risked her life in the civil war helping soldiers. "Clara Barton was brave she chose to go to sites of battles and civilian disasters, saw chaos and devastation all around her, and yet had the temerity to stay.

Clara Barton joined the battle for racial equality in the turbulent years following the Civil War." Clara Barton risked her life for other people just to make sure they could be taken care of, and all wounds would be treated. No matter how bad it got she stayed through it all. This proves how she is brave. Clara Barton nearly got shot on the battlefield and still stayed along to help the wounded. "While working on the battlefield to help wounded soldiers, Clara was nicked by a stray bullet. She was okay, but the bullet killed the soldier she was working on. If I was on the battlefield and I was about to get shot, I wouldn't have stayed therefore I give props to Clara Barton. She's very determined to help others and willing to risk her life. Barton was willing to do something that others wouldn't normally do. All so families would be happy and soldiers would be protected. Clara Barton not only worried about herself but cared for others. She raised money for the foundation which helped with funds and supplies for the soldiers.

Not only did she raise money for the organization, but she lobbied for women's rights. Clara Barton is a very important women in the U.S history today. She founded the American Red Cross and spent so much time helping others. She's made a very big impact on life today. "In 1912, Clara Barton died in her home at the age of 90. Her legend of helping the wounded and finding the missing has lived on with the American Red Cross. She will always be remembered as the Angel of the Battlefield." Clara Barton was known as the Angel of the Battlefield because of her dedication and passion for the soldiers. She had no interest for herself; her main interest was getting those soldiers proper nursing. Barton saved lots of soldiers and families on the battlefield. Without hardworking, caring women in the U.S history, people today would've died in natural disasters without The American Red Cross. Clarissa Harlowe Barton sacrificed her life on the battlefield and had the heart to stay during all the chaos. I chose Clarissa Harlow Barton as a hero because she has taught me how to not be so self-centered and that no matter how hard things are to never give up. Giving up is very easy but the reward for not giving up is so meaningful. Clara Barton has influenced many teachers and nurses today. A lot of health professionals look up to her because of her dedication and work ethic. This shows how she is an inspiration. Can your hero give up as much as Clara Barton?

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