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Carson Blair

by Kayla from Loveland

Mr. Blair being goofy on picture day (
Mr. Blair being goofy on picture day (

Have you ever met  someone who is dedicated, selfless and above all willing to give their own personal needs for yours? Well I have and his name is Carson Joel Blair. Not only does Mr. Blair have all these qualities, he also has many more.

I have not yet heard Mr. Blair say or act like everything was all about him. In running club, Coach Blair makes sure that each and every one of the students that are in running club make it back safely to the school. In the fifth grade me, my class, and Mr. Blair did a project where the class would help a homeless person in need. That would include giving him supplies for the winter, since it was winter. The class had chosen to give him a blanket, a hat, a water bottle and much more. However all the supplies we had chosen cost money so this is where the selflessness characteristic of Mr. Blair really shows. He had bought all the supplies with his own money! In my opinion that is what I call   SELFLESS.

It takes a lot of dedication to be a teacher. Mr. Blair plans out his lessons the night before so he can blow us and his new fifth grade class out of the water with amazement. When we were studying WW2 Mr. Blair actually dressed up as a WW2 soldier and gave us a personal "Boot Camp". It was one of the best teachings I've ever had. The dedication that Mr. Blair showed us was extraordinary. When I was in the fifth grade I really struggled with math and so it was really hard for me to understand it. Mr. Blair would help me understand it better so I could get better grades. This took a lot of dedication and persistence but with hard work and yet again dedication it finally paid off and I understood Math. Not only did he do this to me, but he also did this to some of my fellow peers who need help understanding math too. This is what I call DEDICATION.  

Just like all humans Mr. Blair isn't perfect but he is one of the most honorable teachers I've ever met. He has earned my trust and respect. I am very thankful for Mr. Blair being in my life and I am thankful for the influence he has given to me. "A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning." - Brad Henry ( Mr. Blair sure has done that for many of his students and other adults. (Carson Blair) (Carson Blair)

Money, time, jobs, and family; those are all things that Mr. Blair has sacrificed in the past and sometimes still does today. As a coach in cross country, and the teacher of many young 5th graders, it may be difficult to fit in cross country in his busy schedule, but somehow he does it. On some very important cross country meets, Mr. Blair leaves his 5th grade class just so he could go and see us perform. Most teachers enjoy going home after a long day of work, but not all teachers get to go home on time. Mr. Blair often spends time after hours so he can plan out the next day's schedule for his 5th graders. "You don't choose your family, they are God's gift to you" -Desmond Tutu ( Family is one of the most closest bonds that we can ever have. Mr. Blair has given up many job offers, and a lot of them paid good money, just so he could spend more time with his wife and two kids. This is what I call SACRIFICING FOR OTHERS.

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