Teachers Heroes

Carson Blair

by Mason from Loveland

My hero is Mr. Carson Blair. Have you ever wanted a great teacher that is determined, selfless, and dedicated to his students? Well, if so, Mr. Blair is your guy.

First, Mr. Blair is determined. Math homework was hard because I didn't understand it, but he helped me and held me in a lunch to teach it to me. While Mr. Blair runs his class, he is determined to finish an assignment or goal. An example would be that he made us finish our homework in class, because of his determination to finish.

Mr. Blair 5th Grade ( (Mr. Blair))
Mr. Blair 5th Grade ( (Mr. Blair))

In addition to being determined, Mr. Blair is selfless and kind towards others. Mr. Blair shows selflessness by always caring for others. While finding the needs of his students, he prays for his students. Mr. Blair listens to all of the chatting going on, and still manages to listen to his students actively and attentively. (Mr. Blair) (Mr. Blair)

Last but not least, Mr. Blair is dedicated. Most of the things that Mr. Blair does is for Jesus, therefore showing his dedication to Him. For example, he reads his Bible, and finds something in the Bible that can relate to what we are doing. Before everything we prayed. Mr. Blair never missed school. While managing to teach his class, Mr. Blair still makes time to play soccer with his students every Wednesday.

In conclusion, in my opinion, Mr. Blair is the best teacher ever. He also is my hero. While teaching his students, Mr. Blair shows determination, selflessness, and dedication.

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