Cornelia Ten Boom

by Taylor from Liberty Township

Cornelia Ten Boom ( ())
Cornelia Ten Boom ( ())
Imagine being the only person in your concentration camp that was released alive during World War II. Lucky, right? Here's a story about a woman who was very lucky, and very unlucky, in her lifetime. Cornelia Ten Boom had a family that supported and comforted her. Corrie had many struggles in her lifetime because she put others before herself. Corrie had accomplishments, but most of those accomplishments benefited others rather than herself. This is because Corrie saw helping people as a huge accomplishment. Corrie was a very heroic and faithful woman, and here is her story. Corrie had a family that loved and comforted her, even in very tough situations. Corrie was one of four children. Her siblings and parents all supported Corrie during WWII, when chaos was overtaking their country. Corrie was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on April 15th, 1892. Corrie lived with her three aunts, who also dedicated their lives to saving Jews during the Holocaust.Corrie was sent to prison where she had many struggles. One night, while Corrie was in bed with the flu, Gestapos (the secret policemen of the Nazis) came to her house, looking for Jews that she had taken in. All the Jews were in the secret room inside the wall of Corrie's bedroom, except one Jewish woman, who had an asthma attack. Corrie spent extra time getting that woman into the secret room, so right when the door to the room closed, the Gestapo had come in and found Corrie and her family. Corrie was being sent to prison. Overall, she was sent to three concentration camps, each one worse than the one before. Corrie's father and sister passed away in these camps, but Corrie knew they were in a better place. Corrie was then placed in an isolation cell, where her depression consumed her.Corrie's accomplishments benefit others rather than her. Corrie saved hundreds of Jews from the Nazis and Gestapo. She set up a camp for those who were injured in the concentration camps. Betsie, Corrie's sister, had a dream of being released from Ravensbruck concentration camp in Germany alive, and Cornelia achieved just that, when she was released on December 28, 1944, when she was 52.Corrie was a very heroic woman with many virtues. Corrie showed steadfast bravery every day in those three concentration camps. Corrie stayed faithful, even when others were losing faith since they had no idea why someone would do this to them. Corrie would say, "God has no problems, only plans." Corrie's courage and faith enabled her to love, forgive, and survive.

In conclusion, Corrie was a very courageous and faithful woman who dedicated her life to helping people. Corrie Ten Boom once said, "Forgiveness is an act of the will, regardless of the temperature of the heart." This quote really caught my attention. Corrie Ten Boom showed me that you should be kind to others, show bravery, and forgive. She also showed me that no matter whom the person is, or what they have done, they can forgive. That is why Cornelia Ten Boom is my hero.

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