Clyde Briley

by Briley from Austin

Papa and I (smile at the camera!)
Papa and I (smile at the camera!)

My hero has helped many ill and poor people. Many people think a hero is someone who is on the news everyday or is recognized worldwide. My hero is someone who has made a fantastic difference in my life and the lives of those he met. I know that I will follow in his footsteps someday. My hero is Clyde Briley, my grandfather.

Clyde Briley was born in Tahoka, Texas. He was 82 years old when he died on June 14, 2007. He went to war when he was only 18 years old! The year was 1942. The day before he entered the Navy he graduated from high school. He went in to the Navy because he wanted peace. He served in the South Pacific. After the war ended, he came home to his future bride, my grandmother, Mimi. He was safe and in one piece, and at that point entered the University of Texas. He studied to become a pharmacist. He helped the sick, getting up at 4:00 am each morning to prepare and mix the medicines needed to make the customers better. My grandpa opened the store at 5:00 am each day. He helped the poor and this is how he helped. He would build a house for them and help them in the hard times they were in. In 2007 if he saw someone on the street, he would give them a can of tuna or something healthy to eat.

His death broke my heart. I lost a person who was very dear to me. He inspired me to help the poor and ill. Since he has died, I’ve helped a lot of people. I know that because my mom and I have put together little bags of food, and if I see somebody on the street that is need, I will give them one or two bags of food if they are really hungry. So far, I know I can change the world. I know I have followed in his footsteps for sure.

I am so grateful to have had a loving, kind, patient grandfather. He was truly amazing. He taught me to live the best life of them all, and he is an inspirational man to me. His heart didn’t work so the doctor gave him a pacemaker. The doctor only gave him 3 years to live, but he lived for 8 years, and that was a great miracle. I think I know why he lived that long, I think that God helped him to live that long so that he could help others. That is why I chose Clyde Briley for my hero.

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