Teachers Heroes

Coach Buggs

by ZeJuan from Antioch

Coach Buggs is an allstar. When I say allstar I mean teacher, administrator, former NFL player, and assistant football coach. We chose Coach Buggs because of the inspiration and physical help that he provides. Coach Buggs supervises our football careers and leads us students unto the right path. He always pushes us to try our best and to never give up. He encourages us to follow our highest aspirations.

Coach Buggs tells us to push our academics before planning to do anything else. Coach Buggs believes that we can succeed at anything if we put in effort. He encourages us to follow our dreams and push our academics to a higher level. Coach Bugs wants us to push for success. This is why he wants us to do an extra-curricular activity, so that we stay out of trouble.

Students come to Coach Buggs and look for guidance even if they don't want to admit it. Ever since we first came to Knowledge Academies he has been hammering us to think about our future. Coach Buggs does this so we may realize a goal in life. Coach Buggs also makes sure we get our work done and stay out of trouble. He makes sure we don't have any missing assignments. If we have missing assignments he stays inside and works with us to get them done.

We see Coach Buggs as a hero because he goes the extra mile to see us succeed. We appreciate this because not most people are willing to take on a challenge like this. Coach Buggs wants us to always look forward to a better future.Coach Buggs is an inspiration. He will continue to inspire us along the year, our final year in middle school.

Coach Buggs is not only trustworthy but he is a leader. As a leader he takes charge and tells us to do better. He also is a leader because he leads students unto the correct path. Coach Buggs always tells us to stay focused. Because of this my academics improves every year. Coach Buggs told us to keep academics a number one priority. This really made a difference in our lives because now we have a role model to follow. Overall, this is how we see Coach Buggs as a hero in our eyes.

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