Cesar Chavez

by Samuel from Fresno

Cesar Chavez was a civil rights activist who wanted to have rights for his fellow farm workers. He co-founded the NFWA or National Farm Workers Association with Dolores Huerta. They wanted to make the farm workers' struggle known and they had lots of nationwide support. Chavez believed in a moral cause and wanted to give migrant workers better treatment and equality. He wanted to bring dignity to his people and also show everyone that they could fight prejudice. Chavez is most commonly known for his phrase " Si se puede " or yes we can. This phrase has also been adopted by a number of people including Barrack Obama who used the phrase during his campaign. Both used these three simple words to show that if you set your mind to it you can achieve your goal. This influenced many farm workers to follow along Chavez's side and helped him to pursue his dream of equal treatment although many opposed them.

Cesar Chavez was a great hero because he helped a lot of farm workers achieve greater benefits and also gained them lots of respect. Chavez also gave speeches to people to encourage them to register and vote. He wanted everyone to have greater opportunities and make their voices heard. Since Chavez was nonviolent, the only way to get his point across was to protest. He led a boycott against those who used pesticides on grapes. He even got people to use bumper stickers on their cars that read "No Grapes" which meant they were all for Chavez's movement. He was traveling all over to get his point across and all this took place back in the 70's. Anyone who wasn't a farm worker could ever understand why Chavez did this, but for those who were farm workers understood every bit of it. The reason Cesar Chavez pushed for a new movement was because he wanted everyone to know that farm workers had tough jobs. He wanted those who opposed him to realize their everyday struggle.

Cesar Chavez was a good man in my eyes and he will always be a hero to every farm worker there is. He wanted to let their voices be heard and they accomplished their goal. This is the main reason why Cesar Chavez will always be a hero.

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