Teachers Heroes

Chris Cores

by Jake from Pickerington

Mr. Cores in action
Mr. Cores in action

A hero is somebody who has leadership qualities and rises up in a time of need.

It is important to have a hero. Everybody need someone to be inspired by. It is important to be inspired by somebody in life.

Mr. Cores is the best teacher i have ever had. He has a very different teaching style that is fun, but educational at the same time. He is easy to get along with, and will do anything to help his students succeed. Mr. Cores is a good leader in the class room. We have no behavior problems, and a very high class average. Mr. Cores is all around a great guy!

Mr. Cores deserves to go in the hero hall of fame because anybody would be lucky to have him as a teacher. He is a great guy and cares about his students. He inspires students through his actions and creative style of teaching. I have never had the desire to learn math until I had Mr. Cores. He is the best teacher i could ever have. 

Q: Who is your hero?

A: Larry Bird
Q: What Inspires you to be great?
A: Being the best at what i can do. Teaching, Dad, Coach, Husband
Q: What is your favorite math course to teach?
A: Honors Pre Calc
Q: What do you do for fun?
A: Golf
Q: Who is your favorite president?
A: Ronald Reagan 
Q: Who is your favorite golfer?
A: Jack Nicklaus
Q: What are your weaknesses?
A: Not creative, and my communication skills
Q: What satisfies you in life?
A: To help somebody prepare for a task ahead of them.
Q: Where do you have the most room for improvement?
A: Communication with my wife
Q: What is your proudest achievement? 
A: Making districts two straight years with golf team. 

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