Baroness Caroline Cox

by Lauren and Lizzie from Cincinnati

This is Caroline Cox. ( ())
This is Caroline Cox. ( ())

Baroness Caroline Cox is our hero because she repeatedly risks her life to help people in foreign countries and brought and still brings supplies and relief to other countries whose inhabitants are struggling. Caroline has spent her whole life working towards helping people in need. Earlier in her life, she went to a nursing school in London, where she learned how to be a nurse. Later in her life, Caroline obtained a degree in sociology and a degree in economics. Caroline was given the title of Baroness, and she used her power to help people who needed it.

Baroness Caroline Cox dedicated her life to helping people, even risking her life in order to give them help. She published books to help the British people understand what was occurring in those foreign countries, one of them called The Rape of Reason. Once, she lived in "a 32-ton truck for a week in Poland" to help the citizens (Zoba). Furthermore, the Baroness has also risked her life many times. Once, in Poland, during the Iron Curtain (from the end of World War II in 1945 until the end of the Cold War in 1991), an anti-tank missile hit the ground a mere two feet from the Jeep she was riding in, sending the tail end of the Jeep into the air (Zoba). To help Poland, she once attempted to bring blank paper into another country, "infuriating her driver when he discovered it" ("Caroline Cox"). If Caroline had brought the paper into Poland, Romania, and the Soviet Union, she could have been imprisoned if the paper was discovered. Paper was claimed to be "dangerous" since people could "write ideas on it" ("Caroline Cox"). Besides visiting the citizens and offering comfort, Caroline has also brought tons of supplies to other countries.

Caroline Cox while she is being interviewed. ( ())
Caroline Cox while she is being interviewed. ( ())

Caroline Cox brings supplies to countries that need them even if their leaders don't want her to. Additionally, she has repeatedly sneaked into other countries, bringing food and other necessities to help the people survive. Always helpful to everyone, Caroline has made over fifty-trips into Armenia to bring supplies and comfort. Caroline, because of her kind heart, sent a truck full of medical supplies to Poland, Romania, and the Soviet Union to give to the people. Furthermore, Caroline works for the "Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust... which she founded and leads" because of her role as Chief Executive ("Baroness Cox of Queensbury"). HART helps support people who are in need, and as Chief Executive, Caroline is in charge of it. Caroline Cox has helped many people in need, which suits our definition of a hero.

Caroline is our hero because in our eyes, a hero helps society and other people by doing something positive and good for the community. The Baroness gave supplies to countries in need, informed the British on what was going on outside of their country, and spent her life dedicated to helping people. Through her actions, Caroline has inspired us to reach out to other people and to help people in need. Kind, humble, and helpful to all people- Caroline represents a true hero.

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