Cheikh Ibrahima Fall

by Cheikh Ahmadou from Bronx

Cheikh Ibrahima Fall ( ())
Cheikh Ibrahima Fall ( ())

Talking about the Murid brotherhood, while minimizing Cheikh Ibrahima Fall is not just a mistake, but ignorance. He is the diamond that symbolizes Mouridism. Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacke planted or plowed the seeds; Cheikh Ibrahima Fall raised them to grow healthy and strong; we are the people who have been harvesting the crops. In other words, Cheikh Ibrahima Fall was born around 1855 in a northern village called Ndiaby Fall in Cayor, Senegal. He is one of the first and most honorable of Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba's disciples, because of his indubitable, respectable participation for the development of the Murid Brotherhood. He met with (Cheikh) in Mbacke Kajor, in 1883, in day 20 of "Ramadan", the Muslim holy month. Furthermore, Ibrahima Fall showed his outstanding, notable qualities during the exile of (Cheikh) in Gabon. He spent most of his time in Saint Louis or Ndar, (was the capital of the Senegal colony) consecrating his life to keep the legacies of (Cheikh) alive by hard work, respect, and tolerance. He defended the innocence of (Cheikh) bravely and wisely, even a Frenchman named Paul Marty admitted that, Cheikh Ibrahima Fall was an highly educated, intelligent man. In addition, after the return of (Cheikh) in Senegal, he was living by his side, working for his success. (Cheikh) has hidden before our eyes since 1927, Ibrahima Fall resumed his ambition, stood on the side of Cheikh Mouhamadoul Moustapha Mbacke, the oldest son and first successor of (Cheikh), in period of deep depression and division. He aided Cheikh Moustapha with his wealth as well as influence to contain the doctrine of (Cheikh) highly, and reach his own objectives greatly. In my conclusion, in Jun, 9, 1930 Cheikh Ibrahima Fall departed from the world, after extraordinary, memorable, spiritual works through his golden life. He is resting in internal glory, in Touba, the capital of the Murid brotherhood.

Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacke  (Wikipedia ())
Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacke (Wikipedia ())
Cheikh Ibrahima Fall ( ())
Cheikh Ibrahima Fall ( ())

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