Teachers Heroes

Connie Frieders

by Ashley from Marathon

Connie Frieders, a confirmation teacher at St. Mary's Religious Education Program, is my hero because as a confirmation teacher she is there to help us learn about God, and not only God, but life, and how God is a part of your life every day. Connie is a motivational person that wants to see all of her students do well. Not only in confirmation class or school, but life. She inspires me to be a good person and do good things that help others because I want to, not because I have to. I look up to her as a teacher because she teaches me many things about the Catholic church. And as a friend, because I feel like I can come to her with anything and she will listen. But most importantly as a hero, because she is just a regular person doing amazing things for her community.

Connie started out monitoring the halls at St. Mary's Religious Education Program. Then she became a teacher's aid, and then she realized she could teach her own class. Connie says that her satisfaction is helping. “I want to help the students in their everyday life because life isn't easy and if there is a way I can help or make a difference - I want to try.” She also said that she wants her students to “Live life and love life. That there will be many obstacles, many changes in their life, but they will be always surrounded by their foundation - family, friends, and faith.” Connie takes pride in her work and tries to incorporate everyday life with the core values of the Catholic Church.

Connie Frieders has been a huge inspiration to me since she stated teaching my confirmation class. She has taught me how to come closer to the church, and even just about life. During confirmation class we have a time where we talk about current events. At this time we have an open discussion and we can talk about anything, from our lives, to sports, or even things happening in the news. Connie always listens and gives everyone great advice. Connie is very open with us and if we are having a hard time with something she will relate it to her own life to show us that bad things happen to everyone. She says that her students are her motivation to come and teach on Wednesdays.

Every time I go to confirmation class I feel like I walk away with something. I feel that I have gained more knowledge about the Catholic church. Not just stories from the Bible, or something I need to get done before I get confirmed. But reassurance that we all have a family that loves us. Everything happens for a reason and your friends and family will always be there for you. We are each our own individual person and will be always surrounded by their foundation - family, friends, and faith. Connie teaches us about life. At school no one ever tells you how hard life really is. Not everything will go your way and you just have to problem solve, nothing will be given to you and if you really want it you will have to work for it.

Connie has made a difference in my life. She has taught me so many things about life and God that I use everyday. Ever since I stated confirmation class in the fall with her as my teacher, I feel that I have changed as a person. She has taught me how to love life and live it. Each week we talk about things you can do to be a better person and I find these things very inspirational. Connie Frieders is a great confirmation teacher and being in her class is a great experience.

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