Teachers Heroes

Cody Ann Guerra

by Precious from Hillside

Dont sweat the little things

Cody Ann Guerra was born January 8 at Hinsdale Hospital. Her parents names are Curt and Heidi. Her sister's name is Courtney and her brother's name is Caleb. She grew up in Brookfield and attended school At Congress Park, Park Junior High, Lyon Township, and Elmhurst College. She majored as a mathematician teacher and she later did her observing at Hillside school where she taught in Mrs. Mueller and Mrs. Wagner's 3rd grade and 5th grade classes. Cody is now teaching junior high math at Hillside Elementary. She is happily married and plans on having children in the future.

I had Mrs. Guerra as my 6th grade homeroom teacher. I never used to like her, because she just seemed weird to me. I did everything in my power to keep her away from me but it didn't work. One day I didn't change for gym and she was really mad. I didn't care at first but then she did make a little sense. Well we started talking more and she was telling me ways to respect my teachers and peers. Then she start going to my games and outside events. But that's just the beginning. She is like a mother to me, always supportive of the choices I made. She taught me everything about respect and maturity.

I chose Mrs. Guerra as my hero because she is very supportive. She is always willing to help others. She makes huge sacrifices so that we can learn and succeed in life. She has done a lot for the school by being the volleyball and cheerleading coach. She is always willing to give us extra help in math if we need it.

I never thought of it but she is special in many ways. It's like when I'm mad, she's there. When I need someone to talk to she's there. I like coming to school every day because I know she is going to be there and when she is not I get a little mad but look forward to the next day. Mrs. Guerra is my guardian angel. The more I think about it, no one can replace what Mrs. Guerra means to me.

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