Charity Harvat

by Ava from Loveland

Everyone has a hero. Some of those heroes are singers or sports players but my hero is Charity Le Harvat, also known as my mom. The person that I choose to be my hero is dedicated, courageous, and has humility.

To tell you some of the background on my hero is that she grew up in an atheist environment and never got to pray to God or do anything that praises God and never had a mom. She was always working late so she was taking care of herself. It was hard being the only child, her mom and dad were divorced which made her mom have to work even longer. When she was little she went to church with her friends and that is why she loves God.

The first thing I am going to tell you about is that she is dedicated. As I said in the beginning in my story she grew up in an atheist environment, but she started going to church with friends, and she kept going. During that time she began to grow closer and closer to God.

A trait that I want to start with is that my mom is very courageous.The love she has for others shows. Also shows the love she has for God by loving others and telling people about God's love for us, the love that made him have to sacrifice his son on a cross. So if she loves God she isn't going to let people tell her what she believes in.

Last the trait that popped into my mind when I think of her is that she has humility. Some of the things that make me know that she has humility is that she puts others first, always, never worries about herself but worries about others and she shows her love for people by putting others first. Why would she help people if she didn't love them? Respectful is a great word to describe her, and she is very kind to everyone she comes across. Also shows her faith because she doesn't let her parents choose what she is going to believe in, she believe in. To sum it all up is that she is loving, passionate, kind, strong, faithful, and so much more. That is why I think she is perfect for being a hero. She is great at everything that she does. She is very dedicated to God, and works so hard at everything that she does. I don't know who your hero is but my hero is Charity Le Harvat, my mom.

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