Calvin E. Jewell

by Gracie and Lydia from Reeds Spring

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” - Bo Bennett
Mr. Jewell checking a student's work. (Teacher camera)
Mr. Jewell checking a student's work. (Teacher camera)

We believe a hero is someone that you look up to and trust with your biggest secrets. A hero is someone that is honest and caring and definitely responsible. To be a hero you should fit all of those characteristics.

Our hero is Calvin Eugene Jewell (Mr. Jewell). He is our 5th grade math teacher and he happens to be the funniest person on this Earth. He’s always making jokes about the most random things. We love being in his class and we enjoy learning many things from him.

Mr. Jewell is our hero because we would both would like to become math teachers in our future. Math is our favorite subject because we feel it is more challenging than other subjects. In the dictionary a definition for a hero is a person you admire for achievements and qualities. Our hero would definitely fit that category.

Mr. Jewell has been teaching for twenty-four years. He taught at Marshall, Missouri and Belton, Missouri. When he taught in Belton he was a 6th grade teacher and 3rd grade teacher. Then, when he taught in Marshall he was a 2nd grade teacher. Luckily, he came to Reeds Spring Intermediate and taught 5th graders for about 16 years.

He said to us “I became a teacher because teaching runs in my family. My two aunts and two uncles were teachers and besides my parents that’s why I became a teacher”. Mr. Jewell will actually be retiring after this school year 2009-2010. He said he would miss the school when he does retire. He will travel and have a great life after he retires.

Mr. Jewell’s favorite subject in school was Social Studies. Obviously now he enjoys math. We are glad that he chose math because he’s a wonderful teacher and we love him! We don’t know what we would have done to survive this school year without him!

Mr. Jewell went to Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Missouri. After that he worked for a sales company. He said if he could change his job then he would go back into sales. Then, he decided he wanted to work with kids and be a teacher. We love Mr. Jewell to death and we will miss him so much after he retires and we know he will miss us too. That is the story of our wonderful and amazing hero!

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