Literary Heroes

Clark Kent (Superman)

by Kap from Anchorage

"Destiny's just another word for not having a choice." - Clark Kent

“Look it’s a bird! It’s a plane! IT’S SUPERMAN!!!” Sounds familiar? Almost everyone knows who Superman is. Superman is one of my all time favorite superheroes. From the time I was young watching cartoons about him until this present day watching the adult version “Smallville” a TV series, no matter what age I continue to be a fan of his. I admire Superman for he is selfless, courageous, and strong.

One of the traits that all superheroes possess is selflessness. In the TV series Smallville, Superman or formerly known as Clark Kent has this. In every episode, he’s always doing something for the good. He doesn’t think about himself. Instead, he puts other peoples’ needs before his. His human parents raised him to be this way and it’s for a good cause. Despite the fact that he discovers he has powers he doesn’t take advantage whenever he does chores. Instead he works as hard as any other human being. However he does use his powers when necessary such as saving people in times of danger and situations that are similar.

A superhero isn’t a superhero if he’s not fearless. That isn’t always true. At first Clark Kent struggled in being brave. In the later episodes of Smallville, Clark becomes discouraged and a little troubled when people he loved such as friends and family were getting hurt by his enemies. He thought he was to blame for it because of his powers. At one point, he asked his real father Jerel to remove his powers so that nobody would get hurt. Jerel didn’t like Clark’s proposal. He brought Clark to the future to see what would happen if he was a mortal like everyone else. Without his powers the world would be in complete chaos. After that Clark learns to accept himself. He uses that dream and the love from his parents and friends to motivate him in overcoming his fears.

The word strong can be defined as physically powerful or emotionally resilient. Clark Kent is strong, both physically and mentally. Given powers like super speed, super strength, super hearing, vision powers and etc, makes him more powerful than a mere human. He is able to knock out a person with a single punch unless someone who has the ability to stop his attack can withstand him. In the series he goes through a phase where he is building his character. Although making many mistakes, he learns his errors and forms better decisions over time. Because of that, Clark is becoming mentally stronger everyday.

Clark Kent is a great superhero. Because of his character, what he does, and the cool powers he possesses, I can not stop admiring him. He is a model hero for many young ones and adults. No matter what age, I don’t think I can stop being a fan of his.

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