Literary Heroes

Clark Kent

by Dustin from St. Clair

My hero is Clark Kent because he is one of the heroes I grew up with and relate to the most. My step-brothers didn’t take to the idea that I would be sharing their dad with them, especially the youngest one, so they picked on me, blamed me for stuff. I felt that I would never have someone who cared for me in my life, so I started to do bad things that I’m not too proud of. So I had a secret that I didn’t tell anyone until I was in high school so I had a life sort of like how Clark Kent never felt that he would ever have someone, other than his parents, that he could share his secret with and if anyone knew he felt they would never look at him the same way. I had always thought to myself that I was born this way and I would always end up like my real dad, who has been in jail more times than he has been out when he was younger.

Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent (
Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent (

Around that time Smallville came on air and Clark Kent seemed more like me than ever before cause he too felt like he had a burden on his shoulders one that he too, was born into it. Eventually, Clark Kent had managed the burden into something good and just, along with that. I realized that I could turn my burden into something that can help other people with the same problems who are having trouble looking for a way out. By watching Clark Kent growing and turning his destiny around, I did the same, which in turn gives the people I help, some Hope and in my eyes some hope is better than none. In the show Smallville, there were many references as him being a “Savior”, which to me the only savior is God who gives us idols like Superman. In the modern world God seems out of reach, so people don’t believe and so that’s why God gives us idols like Superman.

One memorable quote from Smallville I remember Clark Kent’s dad says, “To change the world, you first must change yourself”. Another quote his dad says at a football game is “there’s always hope that they will win”, what I got out of that was “there should always be hope in the lowest acting man, that he will do something courageous or good, but if there’s no hope in that man, he has no hope or confidence in himself to turn his life around.” If there is one thing that I have taken from watching Smallville is that even in the darkest times, even when all hope seems to be lost, there’s always hope. There is always the smallest light that can shine through darkness and you always have to try, everything starts somewhere why not now. With all this in mind, anyone can turn their life around and a better life.

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