Clive Staples Lewis

by Keiffer from North Carolina

A famous writer affectionately known as “Jack” has contributed many great selections of writings. His life works have changed the way many people think about literature. He wrote novels and poems that children and adults alike enjoy. From simple children stories to deep theological books, the variation of his writings is genius. How did this creative and talented man who faced so much hardship as a young boy captivate generations of readers? By using fantasy intertwined with spiritual truths Jack mesmerized his audience.

Jack was born in Belfast, Ireland on November 29, 1898. He had a happy childhood until 1908 when his mother died and he had to move to Wynyard Boarding School. This unwelcomed change squelched the little boy’s spirits. The cruel, shrewd headmaster greatly suppressed all dreams that students might have. Fortunately for Jack the school shut down in 1910. This young man soon received acceptance to Campbell College, attended the school for a semester, and then had to drop out due to serious respiratory problems. In 1911, Jack continued his studies at Cherbourg School in England. At this time he abandoned his Christian faith believing Christianity was more like a job than a belief system, and he also acquired a taste for literature at this time. This poor boy had a challenging childhood but things would get better.

This literary enthusiast received a scholarship to University College in Oxford in 1916 and studied there for only four months. He then quit school to join the English army and serve in World War One. Because of an injury the army discharged him in December of 1918 and he resumed his studies at University College. In 1929, Jack returned to his faith in Christ through the influence of friends; this decision changed the path of his literary work. In 1956, Jack made a marriage contract with Joy Davidman Gresham strictly so she and her sons could stay in England. During the next few months Jack fell in love with Gresham and decided to marry her. Gresham developed bone cancer in 1957, wed Jack from her hospital bed, and died three years later. On Friday, November 22, 1963 the literary genius Jack died.

Jack was more famously known as C.S Lewis and wrote many famous literary works. His series of Christian-based books Chronicles of Narnia has sold over one hundred million copies and has influenced many people to come to the Christian faith. His novel, The Screwtape Letters has sold millions of copies world-wide. He also wrote the novels The Allegory of Love, The Space Trilogy, Till We Have Faces, Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life, and Mere Christianity. His poems included On a Vulgar Error, An Expostulation, As the Ruin Falls, Cliche Came Out of its Cage, Evolutionary Hymn, and After Prayers, Lie Cold. Lewis contributed many, great literary works to the world.

Lewis’ literary accomplishments and genius has had a lasting impact on literature. Because of the talent of this writer, he was able to reach both young and old. His contributions also helped further the kingdom of God. His fiction and Christian apologies have penetrated the hearts of many to search for truth. Although Lewis’ childhood began in troubled circumstances he was able to become one of the most beloved writers of all time. With both his ability to captivate readers by his creative writing style and his deep love for Christ, this Irish-born novelist has inspired and challenged millions of people.

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