Clive Staples Lewis

by Joshua from Loveland

C.S.Lewis ((C.S.Lewis))
C.S.Lewis ((C.S.Lewis))

Spreading the Gospel through fiction stories wasn't the only thing Clive Staples Lewis did. Throughout C.S.Lewis's life he taught lessons about Christ. His famous title has inspired many people. He got the title of a historical figure because of his struggle and show of courage, bravery and determination and he stands out to me as one of my heroes.

Born on November 29,1898 in Belfast, Ireland, C.S.Lewis's mother died and he a 10 year old boy struggled through. His father, who was stricken by grief, sent. C.S.Lewis and his brother Warren to a boarding school and barely got out of elementary school.This shows a great example of courage because he made it through his rough childhood.

Through his struggle C.S.Lewis made it to High and Middle school at that point he got the so called glory of battle which is not true. He got terrified to fight for his country. He showed the world how to overcome fear by being determined.

After that he made it to Oxford College in England where he studied very hard in English and Writing. After that he struggled to find a job. In that time of his life he joined a book club and there he met his best friend J.R.R.Tolkien who taught him about Jesus. Eventually he became a Christian. In his book club he had been writing a children's novel called "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" which became a story about Christ. This became a very popular book and he wrote more and more books. Then to everyone's sadness he died on November 22, 1963. This shows bravery because not all the people like the idea of Christ.


His books continue to teach Christ to the World. That is the end of the amazing life of C.S. Lewis. He shows examples of courage, bravery and determination in his life.

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