Teachers Heroes

Christa McAuliffe

by Rebecca from Buffalo


Christa McAuliffe’s mother, Grace Corrigan once said after Christa’s death: “I think that it is because she made us feel good about ourselves.” She answered to an interviewer asking why Christa is a hero. “She proved that an ordinary person could accomplish extraordinary things. The trick is that you must try.” I also think that she is a true hero!

Christa was born on September 2, 1948 in Boston Massachusetts. She was named Sharon Christa Corrigan, but was just called Christa by her parents. She had two younger brothers and two younger sisters. Christa went to Marian High School in Framingham, Massachusetts. She later attended Framingham State College in 1967. Early interest in astronomy for Christa was not big, although she was very smart and always learning more.

Christa had a few minor challenges when she was growing up. Her family did not have much money because her father, Ed Corrigan, was still in college. Other than that, she had a smooth and easy life.

Christa’s contributions to her field were not many but important. She gave her life to learn about space and then teach it to her students. Even though this never happened, she wanted to and was going to accomplish this dream. Unfortunately, her spacecraft, The Challenger, exploded in the first seventy-three seconds of their trip. She made a great contribution by risking her life for the education of others but lost it.

Christa McAuliffe has received many awards, honors, and recognitions. She became recognized on television, talking about her upcoming trip to space. A statue of Christa was made out of pennies donated from her old students. Also a school and planetarium was named after her. Third, an education center that gives scholarships to worthy students was named after her. Although Christa died before these buildings were built, they were named after her. All across the country Christa is noticed and has places named in honor of her.

I think that three traits that describe Christa as a hero are brave, hardworking and inspiring. She is brave enough to go into space, something that I would most likely never do! Also, she wasn’t frightened about the risk of dying. Christa could have (and did) leave behind a husband and two young children. She was very brave and believed that she could complete the “Teacher in Space mission.” Christa was a very hardworking person all throughout her life. She was actually chosen out of all of the teachers in the United States to be the first American teacher (also an American citizen) to go into space. In order to do this, Christa had to train for four months. She read the next chapter ahead of time to prepare for the next day. Even just as a teacher, Christa worked very hard. A third way to describe Christa is a very inspiring person; but mostly to kids. She introduced and then interested many students in space. The fact that she was going to be in space made them want to learn more. Christa was also going to keep a journal to show kids and hopefully encourage them to do what she did. Those are the three traits that I think best describe Christa McAuliffe as a hero.

In conclusion, I think that Christa McAuliffe, the first American teacher to be in space, is a hero. A hero for her bravery, hard work, and inspirational life style. She has donated her life to learn about space, but not just for her; for all of the country. Christa has proved that ordinary people can do extraordinary things!

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