Literary Heroes

Christina Juliet Miller

by Grace from Ajah, Nigeria

My hero goes by the name Christina Juliet Miller. She was not a Christian until she visited her aunt for summer. Her aunt's house was situated on a beach and she met some cute guys on the beach. Those guys then introduced her to Christianity which changed her life forever. A relationship then grew between her and one of the cute guys she met on the beach named Todd. Todd was really committed to God and he influenced Christy a lot. She has now come to the realization that God is the best.

Christy used to live on a farm, like her author, but then moved to California, not too far away from her aunt's house. She stays in a comfortable home. Her parents, compared to her uncle and aunt are just comfortable and she is always contented with that. She doesn't really like taking gifts from her uncle and aunt because she always thinks it's too expensive.

She lives in the minds of people that know her. For instance, she will forever live in my mind no matter what happens. She has never been alive or dead. God just blessed her author to think of writing about her. She is an inspiration to teenagers of this generation. My dream is just to read of her college life.

Christy has helped teens, who think that sex before marriage is cool, to see how one's life can be damaged by doing so. She has helped teens to know that waiting is so worth it. She has brought it to us so clearly. She has also shown us that obeying God is the best, although what God may tell us to do may hurt for a while but it will surely bring long-lasting joy.

She is important to me because her life is common in different ways to mine. She was always like a God sent gift to me in times when I was having problems with guys and also when I had temptations. Anytime I read her books I always felt a wave of peace pass through me. Since I started reading about her, I have always desired to become a virtuous, dignified and integrity-filled woman. I urge all teens to read about Christy Miller and I promise, your life will never be the same again.

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