Animals Heroes

Colonel M. Richards Mucklé

by Katie from Lafayette Hill

Colonel M. Richards Mucklé, a caring and smart person. He dedicated his life and money to creating the PSPCA or Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Mucklé was a caring man; in 1867 he looked out his window to see what was happening. He saw a driver constantly whipping his exhausted horse. This was not the first time he had seen this. Many of Philadelphia’s horses were sore and weak. The cobbled streets were made more hazardous with bits of glass and tin, all of these added to the sadness of the animals. Colonel Mucklé also had seen many dogs and cats beaten or starved to their death. Soon he got tired of seeing animals treated this way so he tried to change the situation for animals in Philadelphia.

His smarts helped him come up with the idea to create a law-enforcement group. One Philadelphian merchant, S. Morris Waln, donated 10,000 dollars to Mucklé to help the cause. Other people gave time and support, donations started coming in showing their support. On April 4, 1868 Pennsylvania legislature granted a charter to the already functioning Pennsylvania SPCA.

If animals can love each other we should be able to
If animals can love each other we should be able to

My Hero is Colonel M. Richards Mucklé because He founded the PSPCA. He saw a problem with abusing animals and fixed it in Pennsylvania. I think a hero is a person who changed the world in their own way.

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