Christian Nielsen

by Klemen from Ljubljana

My hero is Christian H. Nielsen, Danish street workouter, owner of a 25 million+ total views YouTube channel, and founder of Calisthenics Unity. He became famous after releasing his 1year calisthenics (way of workout only by using your bodyweight, no weights or machines) body transformation from a really skinny boy to a strong, nice shaped guy. The video quickly got 10 million views and his fame started to spread, so did the motivation around the world that you do not need a gym to get yourself in shape, but only a bar and floor. After the video he quickly made some more content about the healthy nutrition that you need for your body to develop muscle mass and it also represents around 60-70% of muscle growth (eat big to become big). He makes motivational videos, intense exercises guides and stuff like that either. I found his channel while I was looking at some other transformation videos, but none was so nicely done as his. Now he owns a webpage with his Full Body Workout Program, Nutrition Guide and new, exclusive, premium videos that help you achieve what he has achieved in only 1 year. He is my hero because I probably wouldn't start living healthy and caring for my body.

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