Teachers Heroes

Chloe Paddison

by Brookey from Georgia

My hero is my horseback-riding teacher and babysitter Chloe Paddison. Chloe is amazing on all levels. Chloe has a ton of animals. She has six horses, eight dogs, one pig, one cat, one bird, raccoons and one or two rats. Chloe has a boyfriend named Ben. I have known Chloe for three years. She has two siblings. Their names are Mason and Caroline. Chloe’s mom is a rehabilitator. A rehabilitator brings hurt animals home and releases them when they’re better. That is why they have unusual animals like raccoons and sometimes ducks and pelicans. Chloe is seventeen and has a car. Her car is green and she has a ton of stickers on it. She lives about a mile away from my house. Chloe feels like my mother, my sister, my trainer and my coach for life. Chloe loves music. She especially likes John Mare, Dave Mathews and Jack Johnson. Chloe’s favorite candy is Mounds and she loves dark chocolate. Chloe is always busy with her animals, siblings and her horseback-riding students.

What makes Chloe my hero is because she is always encouraging me and telling me what I did wrong in horseback-riding in a nice way so I can fix it. She will always be my best friend for life. Chloe is strong because she does horseback riding and tennis, nice because she is encouraging and generous, heroic because she is brave. She is brave because she horseback rides and horseback riding is dangerous so she is brave to ride. She is funny because she tells jokes sometimes, but usually it is just her personality. She is pretty, fun and a great person. I love Chloe to death. She is always thinking of other people, not herself. Chloe does projects and studies with me. Chloe has a lot of heroic qualities and is very special to me.

Chloe is like some of the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece because she is strong like Athena and Zeus. Chloe loves water like Poseidon. Chloe is like Aphrodite because she is beautiful. She is not like Heracles because she doesn’t have anger management issues. Chloe is bright like Helios. She is not like Jason because she did not go on a wild adventure. Chloe is not like Theseus because she did not kill the minotaur. Chloe is smart and clever like Athena. Chloe will always be my inspiration forever.

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