Chante' Pleydle

by Ashley from Victorville

Chante' is a very nice person I love and miss her very much. She has made such an influence in my life and I will always miss her all my life. Chante' was out of the ordinary in a good way, she was always so careful and truthful. I will always remember you Chante' Pleydle.

Chante' had died in a car accident. July 31, 2010 at 11:00 pm. How I heard the story was that there was a guy in another car but the car was a truck and Chante's was a little car and she was in the passenger seat. She had a friend driving them back to base. The truck ran a red light and ran over the car Chante' was in on the passenger side the side she was on... She died that night. We all loved Chante' - whoever hit her I don't hate but I am angry and no longer want to see anyone do that ever but I guess I can't make anyone else's options.


P.S. and so does Kish

Chante' Pleydle (
Chante' Pleydle (

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I am a loving person and know that I can always hear people's problems. In my situation with Chante' dying I was devastated.