Christopher Reeve

by Cheyenne from Aiea

My hero for this project is Christopher Reeve. He is a hero because he was a very honest and never gave up on what he used to do and he was also very helpful. I will tell you about how good he was and what good things he did and about his life.

Christopher Reeve was paralyzed, he used a electric wheel chair to get around. He got paralyzed by riding a horse and he got thrown off the horse head first and fractured his upper most vertebrate in his spinal cord and couldn't breathe.

Christopher Reeve got aired on Good Morning America and he got nominated for Emmy awards. Christopher acted as Superman and for that he received a lot of movie awards. He directed a dramatic special called "In the gloaming". He also donated $22 million to paralysis researchers even if he turned paralyzed.

Christopher Reeve is important to me because he gave things and wasn't selfish and he was very honest man. He never ever gave up and he tried to live his life to his fullest even if he was paralyzed and even if he was ill.

Christopher Reeve is a very good hero because he always gave and wasn't selfish. We should remember him as a good hero because he did a lot of good things. He passed away because of his injury but he can still be a good hero and we can still remember him.

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