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Christopher Reeves

by Erika from Columbus

Christopher Reeve (
Christopher Reeve (

My hero is Christopher Reeve. Christopher is my hero because he got hurt but kept going. A hero to me is someone who strives for what they are doing. Heroes do not let anyone or anything stop them in the pursuit of their dreams.

Chris lived in New York and New Jersey. His parents divorced when he was only four years old. His stepfather paid for his schooling. Chris went to the academically challenging Princeton Day School. Chris loved to act. He started acting when he was eight years old in school plays. When Chris was sixteen he already had a job in acting. In college, Chris was already a pro at acting.

To become a hero, Chris played Superman. Chris also survived being thrown off a horse and landing on his head. He broke his neck and was paralyzed from the neck down. Chris also had autonomic dysreflexia and other illnesses. Chris then went through intense therapy. He wanted to give up, but his wife told him he could survive. Chris spoke out about spine injuries. He raised money for people who have spine injuries.

Christopher inspires me because he has accomplished many tasks. Chris also acted after being paralyzed from the neck down. Chris also traveled to many other countries after being paralyzed to speak about people with spine injuries. From Chris I can learn to never give up.

Christopher kept on acting and started speaking out at public events after being paralyzed; that is why Christopher Reeves inspires me.

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